To win the lost to Christ, bringing the message of God’s love,acceptance and forgiveness to the people of Rwanda and central Africa through evangelism, discipleship, and ministry to the disadvantaged.

For individuals, families and nations to experience healing, restoration,
and hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Objectives and Strategies

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel…” Mark 16:15 - 20

  • One-on-one witnessing and personal evangelism
  • Ministering at religious or secular gatherings
  • Distributing Bibles and supplementary Christian foundational materials
  • Radio message broadcasting
  • Internet ministry with plan of salvation, podcasts, articles and resources
  • Sending missions outreach teams to needy areas
  • Prison ministry

Making Disciples
“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:18 -19

  • Planting International Victory Bible Institute (IVBI) schools using existing curriculum presently used in IVBI’s world wide
  • Providing books, pamphlets, audio, video and other teaching materials
  • Hosting leadership conferences for pastors and secular leaders

Helping the Poor
“…to share your bread with the hungry, to cover the naked…” Isaiah 58:6 -7

  • Providing minimum needs to allow children to attend school (uniform, shoes,
  • haircut, notebook, pen, tuition)
  • Establishing food and clothing ministries 
  • Sending medical missionaries to rural areas and the urban poor
  • Helping widows and orphans
  • Drilling water wells for clean drinking water and irrigation

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